The Story

A young company started back in 2019 with the creation of the idea through an IB (International Baccalaureate) Personal Project, which was not meant to be actually turned over into a company, but we decided to go over this and take the risk and finally completed in April 2020 with the creation and registration of the company RamondettiForwarding S.R.L., a project made with love in Tuscany, this idea took off and it is now fully running and operating by helping companies and consumers to either improve their company online and offline or to get the products you need everywhere, granting fair trade and worldwide availability.
Now RamondettiForwarding is already working for big companies and consumers, check the testimonials and helping to get everything to everywhere.

Our project is to grant everyone to access the online selling world and start increasing their company and their customer-base, and for the private customer we want to get them any product they want to their home also if it is not meant to be shipped, and that is why our project was born.

IT based company

We know that every company have many people to manage everything, but we wanted to have a brand new model of business, a company fully handled by a computer, still without removing the people at all, but trying this new method of having every task handled and managed not from an human, but by servers. This idea was not shared in the administration during the creation process, but right now we can see that it showed up what this powerful machines can do, by increasing speed and quality of service, that is really important in our type of business. The IT also helps removing the human error, granting safety.

Made by people for people

Also if this company is IT-based, everything managed from a computer, we didn't forget about the people, that still plays an important role in this. Our software fully made by the founder without any additional help, people and employees carefully trained in the use of the new technologies makes this product innovative, easy-to-use and economic without losing quality.

What are you waiting for?

Our service are ready to help you and your company, if you are a consumer and want our services, just press "I am a consumer" down here and we will take you to the service! If you are a company, press "I am company" and ask for a contact back!

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If you need to request a contact back or need information, you might also want to check our Contact Page for more options.



+39 0584 187 0110


Via Davide Bertolotti, 7
Torino, TO 10121

Via Emilia SNC
Forte Dei Marmi, LU 55042